If you’re interested in reading more about personal finance from Alistair and his wife, Deborah, check out their blog: Saving the Crumbs. They share stories from their personal journey with money, tips on saving, musings on various money-related topics, and also practical things that everyday folk can do to save more, live more, and give more. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there to be the first to know whenever they release new content.

Finance Seminar Recordings

Personal finance seminars presented by Alistair.

Beyond the Tithe

Six-part series covering the Biblical principles surrounding key aspects of personal finance.

For the Love of Money

Five-part series that includes discussions on insurance and risk management, debt, and budgeting.

Trading the Talents

Two-part series on Biblical principles on investing, presented at a medical conference.

End-Time Finance

Six-part series that addresses personal finance in light of Bible prophecy.

Personal Finance on an Index Card

Presentation on the fundamentals of personal finance given to an audience of young professionals.


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